Sunday, 21 March 2010

Nails for Spring 2010

I thought I would create this post for the lovely Northern Hemisphere'ers!

So spring colours are all about the soft and the delicate. So pastels are a good choice along with sheers and nudes. I love to wear lavenders, mints, duck egg blues and baby pinks.

Spring has to be one of my favourite colours schemes so there is a lot of photos for you :) Enjoy!


  1. I love some of the colors you've posted, but not really loving the ones that leave VNL. My nails have a double nail line (from many years of biting and abusing them, no doubt), so I can't carry off those colors that still leave that nail line. This reminds me -- I like Square Pants, and I have it and I want to wear it, but four thin coats doesn't even begin to cover for me. Any advice on what I should do to make it more wearable for me?

  2. Great post! Makes me feel like breaking out some pastel polishes!

    Silver Diva- have you tried a layer of Rescue Beauty Lounge's Underwear under sheer polishes?

  3. I love the pastel purple by Zoya, its really pretty.

  4. Thanks all for commenting :)

    @SilverDiva - a white ridge filler or just a normal white streak free polish would fix this problem for you! Good luck!

  5. awesome!!
    i keep forgetting that you're experiencing fall right now instead of spring like us Northern hemisphere people :P

  6. Loving every OPI in there! :-)

  7. What is the first nudish color at the top? I like that one.


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