Sunday, 14 March 2010

MAC Spring Forecast 2010

Mum and I were super excited to read about this collection! We kept updating lists of what we wanted to get from it for goodness knows how long!
So far I have gotten: one of the Ombre blushes- Azalea Blossom, a few lippies called Pink Burst, Victorian and Bubblegum. I have worn the blush just about everyday since receiving it. I really love the colour, a soft pastel pink with lilac undertones.

- Victorian was quite... un-wearable for some reason. A very bright coral/pink a with golden sheen. It just doesn't seem to sit nicely or apply nicely on my lips.

- Pink Burst is quite a bold fuchsia, very shimmery as well. I am not too sure how often I will wear that one.

- Bubblegum is my absolute favourite. I have never come across a lipstick quite like it! It is a lilac toned pink. It is also quite shimmery. I keep wearing this every time I put my make-up on :) I also like how it leaves a pink stain on my lips after I have eaten.
(Pics to come soon!)

This collection will be released in New Zealand in a couple of weeks.


  1. Can't wait for the Bubblegum swatch, that blush is gorgeous and I'm seriously wanting it now!

  2. The blush looks gorgeous! I picked up Pink Burst and really like it.


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