Monday, 22 March 2010

MAC Lipsticks

These are my most recent MAC lipsticks to show you. I have shown you swatches of Pink Burst and Victorian. I also told you I will swatch Bubblegum, but it turned out I was allergic to it so swatches will come when the problem has cleared up :)

Lipsticks in order:
Pink Burst, Laugh-a-lot, Victorian, Bubblegum, Fresh Salmon & Saint Germain.

The first five lipsticks are from MAC's recent collection called Spring Forecast 2010. And I believe Saint Germain is in the main line of lipsticks.

I got Saint Germain for the catwalk show. I hope it goes on nicely :)

Swatches clockwise from bright bubblegum pink:
Saint Germain, Bubblegum, Laugh-a-lot, Pink Burst, Victorian and Fresh Salmon.


  1. Pink Burst and Fresh Salmon look right up my street!

    I'm wanting to buy some Mac lipsticks actually so this is really helpful.

  2. I hope I helped you in some way lucy :) My mum loooooves Pink Burst and usually steers clear of fuchsias, also a fave of hers is Fresh Salmon and Laughalot.

  3. nice colors!
    i reaaaly like fresh salmon, only the name is sooo not appealing i think, i have the strange thing of buying lipsticks for the name...
    (same thing with polishes too...)

    good luck on the catwalk!

  4. I want Fresh Salmon! I almost got it in my last MAC haul but went with Vegas Volt instead, and I love it.

  5. I love Fresh Salmon and Victorian.


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