Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Catwalk: Alexander McQueen and Alice In Wonderland inspired.

My make-up class has to put on a catwalk show! How exciting is that! Although it has brought out some horrible sides of peoples personalities...

Our class was pretty much split 50/50 on doing the McQueen Wonderland theme or a Micheal Jackson theme. I sided with Wonderland because there is so much more creativity and designing to go into that. Plus Alexander McQueens death was more recent. So our class split in two and went with their theme of choice.

For our Wonderland theme we are doing a classic Wonderland look for each character and then an Alexander McQueen look for the character. My characters are, a classic White Queen and a McQueen White Rabbit.

So after all of this I wanted to show you guys my designs for my model, the White Rabbit.

I am hoping to make the 'rabbit ears' out of her hair. As in sort of like... long stretched out buns? If you understand that lol. Or maybe I will get some synthetic hair and create them, then just apply them on top of her hair.

I attached a face chart to this post but it isn't the end result. In class today I added sort angry looking brows, winged liner and MAC Saint Germain to the lips.

She will also have veeerrrryyy long eyelashes on the top lashline and normal sized lashes on the lower lash line.

The outfit will be made from a lower half of a leotard and the top is a bustier I already own but never wear. I will be creating the bows from quite stiff material so it holds its shape.

I also purchased gold chains yesterday to hang off the shoulder from a shoulder pad.

Also I will be getting a longer chain attatched to her hip that has a clock on it so she can carry that around :)

My friend and someone from my class will be taking a lot of photos so I will surely post those after the show (31st March).

I am really excited for this and can't wait to start getting into making the outfit itself :D What do you guys think of the outfit? Any ideas on how to improve or which fabrics to look out for?

On a side note... I will be turning 19 next week ♥


  1. Very cool! I hope you post pics.
    I don't really ahve any input since you seem to ahve it all together, I just can't wait to see it in real life.

  2. Wow, what an exciting project. No input from me (I have the fashion creativity of a slug!) but good luck and look forward to seeing pics of the final outfit.

  3. Sounds very cute, can't wait for you to post the pics!

  4. Wow, that's such a fun project! I love your ideas so far, especially the gold chains which i assume are based on the rabbits watch chain. I just thought maybe you could rouge the end of the models nose pink too. And maybe some kind of bustle with the ribbon in the back to remind of the tail. I'm very literal though, you might hate these ideas :P

  5. I can see the Alexander McQueen inspiration! Great job! I can't tell from the info you included, but maybe include some white fabric in the costume as well? Maybe something silky or gauzy as a juxtaposition to the gold chains.


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