Friday, 12 February 2010

Revlon Tropical Teal & Guava Glam

It must have been fate to have such a crappy day learning about hairpieces and wigs that I needed to do a little shopping on my break.

Revlon has had a few nail polishes on sale for $8 for a while now and today they were $5! So I picked up Tropical Teal and Guava Glam.

The reason I picked up Tropical Teal was because I borrowed my sisters ring hoping to use it for a photo shoot coming up and I didn't quite have a nail polish that matched it.

Luckily Revlon came to my rescue. Look how pretty and shimmery it is at just two coats!

And the reason for Guava Glam was that I really liked it when it came out last Summer. I hadn't even seen it again til now!

I am really happy with both of these colours. Reviews to come shortly.

Cute ring huh? (Secretly I don't want to give it back, but I will because my sister loves it too :D)


  1. Tropical teal is lovely - it reminds of the gorgeous Givenchy polishes that are coming out later in the year..

  2. The Tropical Teal is really pretty. Its very wearable and versatile.

  3. Pretty colors, but I'm loving that ring! Tortuga!

  4. Oh man, I really love that ring!! And Tropical Teal is a great color.

  5. hi, okay?
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  6. Those are both great colors but I really need that ring! I have a Turtle tattoo on my left inner wrist!

  7. Gorgeous!! I love the crap outta the guava color...must get! And the ring is turtle-y awesome!!! (Haha, get it? ...I'm such a dork!)

  8. That teal is so pretty and look gorgeous with that ring!

  9. Hiya!!

    Ok, I cannot find these nail polishes anywhere!!! Where did you get them??



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