Tuesday, 2 February 2010

MAC Lucky Number

I've been meaning to post Lucky Number for awhile now, but I couldn't get any nice pics!

Lucky Number was released with MAC's holiday collection for 2009, Magic, Mirth & Mischief.

It's pretty much done on one coat, but I think it needs the second just to patch it up.

The formula is similar to the China Glaze Romantiques. On the thick side but gives you amazing coverage.

I wasn't fussed at all on Lucky Number when it first came out, but after seeing it on a few of the MAC SAs I decided to get it. I'm still not interested in the silver one though. Silver doesn't look all that great on my skin tone.

I'm betting this would work well with Konad :)


  1. When the collection came out I planned on getting the silver one, but Lucky Number looked so pretty in person I had to get it instead. ^^

  2. This looks a lot like Admire from the Romantique collection.

  3. i love this mac nail polish :)

  4. flavia - hehe that was the same for me :)

    arrianne - it has more colour to it, also bluer. admire is more rosey and silvery.

    lily nail - thats cool :)

    gildedangel - I agree!

  5. That's a lovely color!


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