Thursday, 4 February 2010

Icing Superstitious

I remember I posted this awhile ago but that was on my hideous acrylics.

Here is Icing's Superstitious!

I don't really have any information on this colour. Like when it came out, what collection and where.

The formula is so smooth. I always like painting with this one. It is easy to control and only needs two coats for full coverage.

I love blacks with shimmers. Love.


  1. Absolutely gorge colour hun, love it. I read your blog every day but realised I very rarely leave a comment however I really do love your swatches and your blog. Thanks x

  2. Oh my when I stumble across ur blog, I was just amazed at ur nail art work. I also amazed that u had so much nail polish, but what I like most is all of ur colors. I love love all of the color u chosen. They all look amazing. Oh I am not very good with nail stuff, but may I ask if you know anything about this: "Is there such thing as acrylic hardener nail enamel?" I just recieve them from my grandma, and she had like 8bottles of it. They all look like top coat to me, but I am just unsure if it is only used for acrylic nails. If u know anything about this. Help me?

  3. oh forgot to say that I love this color a lot...but at icing, I think the nail polishes they have are a bit pricey...


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