Wednesday, 27 January 2010

OPI Sugar Cookie Pink

I think Sugar Cookie Pink was my favourite out of the Sweet Pink collection. Especially with such a cute name.

Sugar Cookie Pink is really different. It's like its highly pigmented and super sheer at the same time! Confusing aren't I?

I mean with a regular sheer polish you eventually get some sort of build-up but with Sugar Cookie Pink you only build up the pinkness, not the coverage. I am wearing four coats here.

It looks really pretty as just one or two coats as well. It gives your nails a healthy but cute glow to it.

Sugar Cookie Pink's formula was a little bit different, it went on a little bit thick but you really only need thin coats as you aren't going to get anymore coverage than the first coat. Plus Sugar Cookie is super glossy. Which I really liked!

I can tell I'll be wearing this one a lot :D


  1. I like this on A LOT!!! Very pretty!

  2. I think I need this polish. I've been looking for a light, sheer pink to wear on job interviews and this one looks perfect. Plus, I agree with you - the name is adorable!

  3. Darn you OPI from keeping these awesome exclusives from N.A. >:(

  4. i didn't like this polish at first sight. In fact i hate all polish that has VNL! but after i dissed it, i couldn't stop thinking about how cute and gummy it looked.... Finally, i convinced myself that i must get one. = =|| and so, it's with amazement that i note how fickle and easily sold i am. God. i'm such a sucker for polish! XD thanks for the pretty swatch! :)

  5. That is such a cute color. I must get it, I haven't seen anything similar to it before. Like you said, pigmented and sheer at the same time!

  6. Pretty polish, but it would annoy me that your can still see the nail. If only if was less sheer

  7. I'm absolutely in love with this colour.

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