Monday, 25 January 2010

My Stash Update!

Far out I only took these photos not too long ago and its already out of date >_<

Anywho! This is my 'sort of current stash', and I am so excited because I just ordered a polish stand! I don't think all will fit though...

All of the following photos are labeled and I aplogise if they are spelt wrong/hard to read :)

What do you think?

Just realised- OMG my flakie NFU-Ohs are not here! As well as MAC Light Affair... I will have to do a catch-up post lol.


  1. omg I am obcess with ur colors. I wish I can collect nail polish. But these good brands are so out of my pocket range

  2. WOW! Impressive collection you got going there. Nice selection of colours too!

  3. Gorgeous ! I LOVED how you arranged them :-) And I love absolutely all the colors - like I chose them myself :-)))

  4. Such a pretty little rainbow! <3

  5. Great stash. You have far more OPI polishes than I do...a lot of pretty colors!

    You just made me realize that I have waaaay too may polishes! Time to give away or sell a bunch of them.

  6. I really love the way you arranged them in a spiral of colour. It looks awesome! ^^

  7. Great stash! I love how you arranged them all!

  8. Thanks so much for posting this! I always see girls talking about having hundreds of polishes and wondered if I was the only one with a collection under 50! I don't keep things I don't like and I try not to get dupes. I don't have a ton of money to spend either.

    Thanks to this post I can now feel proud of my collection!

    Great pictures too!

  9. That spiral picture is so cute!!!
    I really like all of the pinks. Have you swatched Sugar Cookie Pink? I've been looking for a nice work-approp. pale pink and Sugar Cookie looks like it could be perfect.

  10. Aww you have a really nice sized collection and I love the way you set out the first photo :D

  11. I agree with everyone else, most awesome stash arrangement I've ever ever seen. Don't get me wrong I love seeing people's stashes but after a while it's just box after box, drawer after drawer, right?

    Also... does your iPod have *wings*? o_o It's so cuuuuute!

  12. ngocupham - aw thats a shame :(

    kelly - thanks :)

    tuli - hehe my boyfriend helped me sort them out

    evilangel - I thought so too!

    TPBG - good idea! I always try to keep my stash in perspective, get rid of the ones I never wear or always choose something else over it.

    lau - thanks :) It looked pretty on the bed

    gildedangel - thank-you :)

    A&A - I am always trying to get rid of ones I dislike or never wear :) Feel proud indeed!

    Brooke - Thanks! I have actually and I think its sceduled to be posted tomorrow or the day after ♥

    Rebecca - thank you very much :) I'm pretty happy with it at the moment

    Pfefi - Hehe i agree! And yes my iPod does have wings :D Its a silicon case that has the wings attatched to.

    DKB - thank-you :)

  13. Love the picture of the spiral, it's such a cool idea. But but, this isn't all the polish you own in the entire world is it? Cause that's not enough!

  14. I'm desperate to get Visions of Sugarplum, we can't get that in the UK! Can you get that where you are?

  15. i want fortune teller !!!! but not avaible in france :( whyyyyyyy ????

  16. Wow! Great photos! And amazing colors.
    I envy this collection :).
    Best wishes!

  17. So pretty!
    I want don't think just pink soooo bad, but I cant get it in the US, i have tried for about, 9 months!


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