Saturday, 2 January 2010

Favourites of 2009: Part One

Welcome to part one of 2009 Faves!

This is a mini series on some colours that I really loved from this year. It will have several parts to it :)

First up~!

Zoya Dovima
- a matte black with little shimmers to keep it from being flat.

MAC Baby Goth Girl
- Even though the shimmer and flakies aren't always that visible, I really like dark colours with interesting shimmers.

OPI DS Mystery
- Another shade that is at it's best in full sun. I really love the deeeeep purple base with gold glitter. Really different.

OPI Russian Navy Suede
- I think it was the best suede shade. It glows something different to the others :)

Chanel Jade
- Last but not least, Jade. I love Jade and would never ever get rid of it. The formula and everything is just perfect. I only wear this when my nails are in *perfect* condition lol.

I hope you enjoyed Part One! Did you have the same feelings over shades as I did? :D

Stay tuned for part 2!


  1. I love this!! and what a great idea - favorites from 2009 is an awesome way to showcase the best of the best from the past year. I wish I could get my hands on Jade...

  2. Grrreat! Can't wait for the pt. 2 ...

  3. What a great ideas to showcase your favourite polishes of 2009, can't wait to see the 2nd part.

    The Zoya polish is really nice! I'm not fond of black on my nails but it looks really nice, I suppose the added shimmers give it something interesting

  4. brooke - hehe! I hope one comes your way :)

    doo - :D

    kelly - so true!

  5. I could've gotten the Chanel, but no I didn't want to spend the money. Now it's a big lemming. Oh well, it will join in with my other lemmings.


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