Sunday, 10 January 2010

China Glaze Fortune Teller

I wish this was a main line colour. Its one of those shades where you just want to put it on every time you see it!

Now I didn't use a topcoat here so it looks bumpy from the glitters. Don't worry it doesn't take much topcoat to even it out :D

Fortune Teller was released for Halloween in a certain store in the states. Why companies continue to do this really annoys me. Luckily I have a wonderful friend in the states :) I'm thinking i'm going to save up for a weekend trip to the USA... Although I wouldn't know where anything is haha.

Back to Fortune Teller. The first coat is sort of sheer but the second really completes it. A third coat is only needed if you want more depth of glitter. But i'm not sure, the black is pretty overpowering so I don't think you'd get that much as if you were a flakie polish.

Fortune Teller looks amazing matte or glossy!

Hmm, I wonder if China Glaze will bring it out again this year?


  1. Fortune teller is definatly one of my all time favorite polishes :)

  2. i wish i wouldve known about this polish during october. i dont think i wouldve taken it off!! gorgeous!

  3. So pretty and sparkly!
    We always want what's hard to get, lol

  4. I wish I had this but it was always sold out online. I should check it out again. Looks gorgeous on you. Your nails are looking lovely. I love this polish.

  5. I love how the glitter looks in it! Very gorgeous polish!

    I want to have a weekend trip to the US too, don;t know if it's worth the 9hr flight though...

  6. I have Fortune Teller, I wore it like once. I got pretty sick of it after seeing it everywhere. I'll pull it back out again this fall.

  7. This one is on my wishlist for so long ...

  8. That is a interesting color. That would be fun to wear in the fall.

  9. I would die to get hold of this. Another one of those times I curse not living in the US.

    Looks gorgeous!


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