Monday, 14 December 2009

OPI You Don't Know Jacques SUEDE

Ok so this was the least favourite out of the Suedes for me. It is very pretty though, I'm just not into the browns :)

You Don't Know Jacques now has a third version- Suede. It doesn't at all look like the first or matte version.

The formula is just the same as the others, very nice and easy to use, very smooth too.

What do you think about this one? Do you already have it, want it, hate it?


  1. It looks stunning in the pictures! How accurate do you feel it is to the original formula?

  2. That is a lovely polish, have you tried it with topcoat?

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  4. the only suede that swayed (tee hee)me was lpad. i might buy this color-i'm in no rush though, but i'd only wear it with a topcoat.

  5. I actually got 4 polishes out of the Suede Collection: We'll always have Paris, Lincoln Park after dark, OPI INK and Russion Navy. I really love their Finish, but I do have the problem that they chip REALLY easy, I haven't experienced that with any of my other polishes. I wonder why?

  6. Charis I responded in the new post :)


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