Sunday, 20 December 2009

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark SUEDE

Here's another Suede I really liked. Lincoln Park After Dark.

I've never really gone for the matte or normal version of Lincoln Park After Dark, they didn't really appeal to me.


Once again the formula was really easy to manage, dried super quick and didn't chip that quickly. I will have top coated photos of these colours for you after the last two suedes have been posted :)

I'm so incredibly excited for Christmas! This year the whole family comes to my parents house so we break out the water-slides, treasure hunts and massive lunch... It will be so much fun!

What plans do you have for Christmas this year?


  1. I have Russian Navy suede and love it! I think I need to get the rest of the suedes, definately this one!

  2. I have OPI Ink Suede. I love how they feel. I don't love how they wear. Gorgeous colors, but I cant even get a full day wear out of them

  3. Evil angel - Yes do it! :D

    Ange-Marie - Thats a shame :( They do feel pretty nice though

  4. wow, I love these suedes. must go check them out myself sometime...

  5. This is gorgeous!! Great suede shade.

  6. I'm yet to try any of the suedes but they do look interesting! I have to say it though, what is up with the names? Some don't even look remotely similar to the orginal colours!

    If you don't mind me asking, where do you get your polishes from? I've been going through your blog posts and noticed that the font and layout of the labels on your OPIs look different to the ones I've got (In Aus.) and to most others I've seen! Just curious~


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