Sunday, 27 December 2009

Color Club Blue Light

I have never been interested in Blue Light until Color Club was recently brought to New Zealand. It's so nice to see these in almost every chemist!

They brought the neon's out first (the line Blue Light is a part of), then the newer neon collection that has Pure Energy in them and then the minis! Which are so adorable. Also those Japanese ones are in the mini lot.

Blue Light is one of the very few light blue pastels. I was hoping China Glazes Up & Away collection would have one, luckily Orly picked up on that one.

Blue Light's formula isn't the best, but it isn't too bad either. The first coat was quite runny, messy and a little sheer. But the second coat really gave good coverage and I think the first coat is always the hardest/messiest.

I did a third coat to even it out as Blue Light didn't really level itself out on my nail. You could easily get away with two coats though.

Overall I am really happy with Blue Light and also see that it would be an amazing pedi colour too.

(The first photo in this post is the real colour of Blue Light)


  1. That is a lovely color. I love Color Club polishes :)

  2. AYD - Me too! Hope they have some awesome collections for 2010~!

    GA - Totally agree! Reminds me of summer.

  3. I have never been a fan of blue polish until I get my hands on a light blue. Black and medium blue still don't shake my heart more than that but there is something fresh and girly in light blue that I find very irresistible. Weird how it looks more turquoise on your nails than on the bottle.

  4. I love blue nail polish. Looks gorgeous on you. So pretty.

  5. This is such a pretty shade of light blue, I love it :-)

  6. Such a pretty colour. Perfect for the winter but can work for the spring too!

  7. Thanks for posting this! I couldn't find any swatches of it and was unsure whether to buy it, now I will.


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