Friday, 11 December 2009

Becoming A Make-Up Artist: Liquid Liner

Liquid liner is quite a tricky part of make-up. It all depends on your eye shape and eyelids.

My eye shape isn't really that great for wearing liquid liner as the top lid 'droops' down when it gets to the outer corner and then the end of my lid only has a little bit of skin exposed.

When trying it on yourself the first time I think there is a couple of hints that would help you out.

  1. When drawing the line across your eye lid, don't make the line too curved as your eye will naturally round up the line as it opens.
  2. Experiment with what thickness suits you. You don't want it look like you're half asleep lol.
  3. Experiment with how the flick at the end will be when you open your eye.
This one all depends on your eye shape. My eyes are really round so it is best for my shape if I draw a straight line as the eyelid will automatically curl it when I open my eye.

As with what I did here, I didn't extend the flick longer enough and I didn't get it in the right place. But this was the first successful lining I've done so I was pretty pleased at the time haha.

The main trick is to practice in your mirror whenever you have spare time.

The liner I used here was MAC's ever so popular Black Track gel liner. It glides on so easy, doesn't smudge and is really great with oily lids. It doesn't tend to flake off either.

Another MAC liner that I have and is good is Liquid Last in Point Black. Its a little bit more tricky for me compared to Black Tracks. I find I always apply it too thick and takes a little while to dry.

The brush I use is a 209SE. From a little gift bag with the Magic, Mirth and Mischief collection that contained the brush 209SE, Black Track, Shimmer-time pigment and a mini Zoom Lash. I find the brush is perfect with its small handle and after using black tracks with it it dries it with a nice fine point which keeps it in great shape.


  1. I have the same eye lid issues, my top lid 'droops' down when it gets to the outer corner as well and I prefer to go without eyeliner because it always tends to look strange! :-) I either draw the flick up too early and then it looks strange from the side, or, if I keep going straight, the line points toward my lips... ;-)
    All the best

  2. Nice to know there are others with the same problem :D The tutors suggested that for people with eyes like us, we have a strong defined line on the lower lash line and a smudged undefined line along the top :D

  3. I really love using eye liner si I have found this extremely useful!

  4. very nicely drawn eyeliner. I can't use liquid liner as I have single eyelid, very messy for me


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