Monday, 2 November 2009

My First Time with Eyeshadows!

This is the first ever time i've worn eyeshadow so please be gentle!

While I was thinking about what designs and colours I could do in the shower, I saw a minty towel hanging next to a pink towel and I really liked that colour scheme.

So I started with my paint pot Soft Ochre. I loved to use this as a sort of concealer around the eyes too as well as a base.

Then I chose to use Yogurt all over the lid. Followed by Aqua on the outer corner and a little bit under the lower lashes. I then used Haunting on the very outer corner to make Aqua a little deeper.

I was unsure about it at first as it made my eyelids seem really light. I am used to seeing them darkish yellow so it was quite different :) But after going shopping and coming back home to see no creasing or movement what so ever made me extremely happy inside.

These photos were taken in the late afternoon. My sister told me it reminded her of ice cream. Which I might go and get now....


  1. It's a very soft look, I like!

  2. It's beautiful! Wait, you've NEVER worn eyeshadow before?? Were you not allowed? Or was it just that you weren't interested before?

    Well, it looks great! Although a little light. What are you using to apply it? You may want to try patting it on with a brush with a lot of product on it to really pack it on, because it seems to be a little bit brushed away.

    Have you ever been to She has THE BEST tutorials!!

    Great job!!

  3. you really should use a darker color in the crease, it creates more depth. It doesn't have to be super dark, just a little darker than the lid color. Aqua and hauting are both pastels! You can be a little bit more daring, I believe in you!

  4. I think you should get something a little more noticeable unless this is a everyday look.

  5. Pretty look. I can't believe a shadow virgin! You've done a nice job with application. There are plenty of makeup gurus to check out for other looks. It's only the beginning.

  6. Evil angel - I'm glad!

    MariahGem - I've just never been interested really. I used a MAC brush.. um... 217 or 219? I will try the patting thing thankyou :)

    Me and mum visit temptalia all the time, she is amazing!

    Jenna - I will have a look to see what mac has that I can try :) I know they are pastels, I love pastels though! I am eyeing up that bright orange though...

    kukaberry - I thought it was quite noticable lol. I don't think the colours came out as bright as they were in real life.

    Lucy - haha! Thank-you although I have a long way to go.


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