Wednesday, 11 November 2009

MAC DazzleGlass Creme : Perfectly Unordinary

I thought I would start these off with the one I chose, Perfectly Unordinary.

Perfectly Unordinary is a cute peach gloss with golden glitter.

The DazzleGlass Cremes are quite opaque, they don't leave you with a hint of colour and a whole heap of disappointing sparkles.

I went to go and pick up the other pink one today, but that had sold out :( Why doesn't MAC get much stock here? That's ok though, this one is amazing :)

This is my first time trying MAC's DazzleGlasses. I am really impressed, it stayed on until it was time to eat. Usually some dry out your lips or your hair gets so stuck in it you usually get most of it in your hair and not on the lips! Not Perfectly Unordinary though. She was good to me, moisterised, glossed and made my lips look really nice.

I'd give it a 4/5, the only negative being the price tag. $48 if I remember correctly. But then again I've had Posh it Up for over a year now and its almost at the half way point and i've worn that truckloads and it is in a much smaller tube compared to Perfectly Unordinary.


  1. I know just what you mean when saying it gets stuck in your hair! I hate that, too!

  2. I love this color, but there's NO WAY I'd pay $48 for it! Is there something unique about it that I'm missing that makes it worth almost fifty bucks? I like Mac products, but I feel like I'd be able to find the same shade for a lot less.

  3. Blusherine - So annoying!

    Natalie - Well I get a little discount so it isn't *so* bad but still not great. And I haven't seen anywhere else do a peachy pink with golden sparkles :)

  4. The price is insane! I love Dazzleglass. This is so pretty on you. They are so sparkly and have so many nice colors.


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