Thursday, 5 November 2009

Eyelash Tinting

I have always been so scared to tint my eyelashes! But then we had to in class... so it was good in a way.

I really like the result. As a lot of people, their lashes turn brown or blonde on the very ends which makes the lashes look shorter. And obviously tinting makes the ends visable creating the illusion of longer lashes.

Why was I so scared? I had heard bad stories of how it stung their eyes and things like that. So throughout the whole session with someone whos never done this before I was so careful not to blink or open my eyes but I did a couple of times when she was trying to put the other cotton pad under the other eyelashes... Scary stuff!

But when it came around to my turn to be doing the doing, she didn't get stung and neither did my partner.


  1. Hey, great blog, I nominated you for an award, check out

  2. I've never heard of eyelash tinting, no idea what it is either but thanks for sharing! xx

  3. I have been getting my eyelashes tinted for some time now. I don't have good luck with mascara, and my lashes are light-colored. It stings a little bit, but not a big deal, especially after the first time.

  4. I love eyelash tinting, I have black hair yet my eyelashes are super light at the ends so it really helps to make them stand out.

  5. How nice to get all this done for you. Plus your learning. What a great bonus.


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