Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Evening Make-Up : Eyes

Here we are with our first eye post!

We recently were learning Evening Make-Up and this is what my partner gave me.

I was a bit afraid at first because I never wear eyeshadow and to wear this during the day was quite scary.

Also because of my oily lids I was freaking that there would be major creasing but amazingly there wasn't any! :D

She used two MAC shades, the navy and the turquoise but the lighter colour is something we get in our kit. What do you think?


  1. I love your color placement and color choices :) I think it looks pretty.

  2. Really pretty, I like how the colors coordinate.

  3. The colors are great as is application!

  4. I'm not big with eyeshadow either, in fact I'm not a huge fan of makeup other than nail polish!

  5. wow... all those blues look awesome

    I would never dare to try this on my own though...
    I suck at application, best thing I can do is a sweep of a single colour across the eye

    can you do a tutorial how to achieve this??

  6. I like it in this view but I think you should include one zoomed out photo just to show how it looks on your face. I think it would give people a better idea of how it looks on you.

  7. Your eyemakeup is lovely. The colors that were used look fantastic. Why be afraid of eyeshadow. Be brave and wear it always.


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