Sunday, 1 November 2009

Becoming a Make-Up Artist : Paradisco, DreamMaker and Dainty

This is a practice look I did for my sister yesterday, I really wanted to try my new colours!

I think they look really good with her colours.

I started with Soft Ochre paint pot then applied DreamMaker over the whole lid. Followed by Paradisco just on the outer side of the lid.

I tried Trax on the other eye but it looked like she had tripped and nicked her eye on a table corner on the way down. Not the best colour for my fair sister.


  1. I dream of working at MAC one day. Not sure if that's gonna come true.

    Really excited for you and the first eye looks great!

  2. Nice look. There are so many more colors to use. Have fun.

  3. aly - I dream that too! Lets hope it happens :)

    Lucy - Thanks! I can't wait til I have some funds to play around with lol


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