Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Zoya Malia

I wasn't too fussed on Malia when it was first released, but when I was setting it up at the Beauty Expo it just looked really amazing. I know it has no shimmers or glimmers but cremes can look fantastic too :D

All it takes for Malia to be opaque is two coats.

I much prefer Malia over OPI Do You Lilac It or OPI Done Out In Deco. I think Malia is the best shade out of those to suit my skin.


  1. How does it compare to the OPIs? Redder? Bluer? Brighter? More muted?

    I had to have DOID, looked for it IRL for weeks. And it looks awful on my hands.

  2. oh. i was thinking to get those 2 opis! would u mind doing comparisons between "malia n do u lilac it", and "malia n done out in deco"? :] thanks!

  3. That polish reminds me of OPI A Grape Fit from the Paige Denim collection!

  4. love this color! agreed, it's awesome!!!!!!!

  5. Do you know if Malia is lighter than OPI A Grape Fit? I have that and am looking for a lighter color that is similar. I haven't gotten Malia yet since I am afraid of getting a dupe. :) It looks pretty but it's hard to know if it would be the same LOL.

  6. Love this shade on you. It is gorgeous and I'm glad I have it. I just got my order yesterday from Zoya. I got almost everything that was on my "wants" list. I went completely crazy. I could stare at the polish all day. It's such a lovely calming lilac.

  7. Anon - Lilac it is more yellow, Deco is more grey and dustier :)

    Alexa - I would if I ahd them sorry Alexa

    GildedAngel - it does look quite similar!

    PolishEarthGirl - Hehe :)

    Vegan - I think it is a little lighter, don't quote me on that though! :D

    Lucy - Ooooh! I would've loved seeing that!


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