Friday, 2 October 2009

OPI Let Them Eat Rice Cake

And here is Let Them Eat Rice Cake. Similar isn't it? I still love them both.

This one is a three coater because the formula is a little thin and uneven. 3rd coat really makes Rice Cake. I tried with a ridge filler too, no difference.

It is discontinued- however I found it in a chemist so it is still quite easy to find.


  1. It looks lovey on you. I really like these kind of neturals. I don't know! I just do. They're very pleasing to the eye.

  2. gildedangel - its my go-to nude :D

    velvet - I quite like them too, something about them just makes me... happy hehe

  3. Looks beautiful with your skin tone! This type of nude polish is great because it still has a hint of pink! Divine!!

  4. This is really a pretty polish. It gives your nails such a clean look. I'm not always a fan of this type of polish. But, this one I really like. Your nails look lovely.

  5. I just recently got this color, and I really like it. Looks great on you too!


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