Thursday, 8 October 2009

A New Franken! Help me name it ;--:?

I'm so excited to go back to my new home. We had to move again because the people who got us in did the dirty on us. Our first rental together too :( Oh well! We found the most perfect apartment and roommate anyway! n_n

So I was craving a peach polish this weekend but being at my parents home, I have no polishes with me... so I had a sparkly pink franken and a bottle of Tangerine Scene.

So many colours were put into this franken I can barely remember half of them :( Sorry guys. It's not too difficult to franken a peach to your likings anyway.

That's what I like about frankening, you make it so it suits you! None of this seeing beautiful photos of it then buying it and finding out it looks like crap on you.

Please help me pick a name? I loved your suggestions last time! The only un-creative name I can suggest is Peach Ball... because you know, summer and all.... Ok, please help me.


  1. It's a beautiful polish! Sorry, I suck with names!

  2. Cherry-go round. It reminds me of cherry blossoms and looks playful and fun :)

  3. Peaches and sheen! ha, ha Love this peach color.

  4. That is a lovely color!

    Princess Peach
    Peach Fuzz?!


  5. I'd go with Peach Juice. :D Maybe Princess Peach (as in Nintendo games) or Franky's Peach. :P
    Lovely color! I can imagine it looks great on you. ;)

  6. Peach Pudding Anyone?

    Don't know if that is too long.
    Or maybe:

    Sun And Peaches
    Sun, Sea And Peach

    Because of the pretty gold shimmer. Or:

    Little Miss Peach

    Just because I like the sound of that :)

  7. I was gonna say Bellini, but some one beat me to it. What about...

  8. i vote for bellini too, maybe chilled bellini? peach sorbet?

  9. Hidden-Innocence9 October 2009 at 11:18

    Maybe Sunset by the Peach? =/

  10. My suggestions are: "Life is a peach" and "Marie Antoinette" (don't ask me why, lol)

  11. I love Denny's "Peaches and Sheen"

    kickyouonce on mua

  12. Nice to Peach You
    Isn't it Peachy?
    Life's a Peach and then you die
    Peachy Cheeks

  13. That's a lovely color. How about Peach Keen? Peach Pit?


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