Sunday, 4 October 2009

MAC Make-up!

Well the sun has start to come out and i've been spending a lot more time outside so I went to MAC recently and found out that i've changed from my winter skin NW15 to my summer skin NC20 :D

Also Mum was very kind in giving me Fun N' Sexy from the Fafi collection. She didn't like the glitteryness and the blue flash, but I'm all for exciting lips colours!

We also had a trade, Sweet Thing for Patisserie. Patisserie I've almost worn every single day since I got it. It's pretty much the same colour as my lips but sort of defines the lines of my lips (if you know what I mean) and gives them a nice shine.

Why the random lipstick spam? Well, I love looking at photos of them deciding whether or not I should get them, so i'm hoping I will be aiding someone else :)

Did I tell you that I'm starting my make-up course in 8 or so days? I'm quite nervous! At the intro day there weren't people like in my nail class... But I suppose only half the class showed up so there might be!

What to wear on day one? (mani wise) We have to wear black everyday... for 34 weeks! >_<


  1. I guess you love pink lipsticks. Me too!!!! Pink is the best lip color!!!!

  2. I have Sweet Thing and just love it :)

  3. Ladyloulou - I do indeed! Completely agree :D

    Phyrra - Thats lovely :)

  4. Aha love it! I still wanna try find Pink Nouveau - I swear I saw it at Chancery when I was there the other day.
    I just nominated you for a blog award, I think your blog is great, I was reading it so long before I started commenting and set up my own blog hehe.
    Hope you had a fun weekend - I am not enjoying this cold snap today.

  5. I LOVE MAC! I've got Lovelorn too and it's gorgeous. It's FREEZING today isn't it? Which MAC do you usually go to? I only know of like...4 in Auckland (Smith & Caughey's Queen St and New market, St Lukes and MAC Pro on Chancery)


  6. I just love looking at lipsticks. Especially when the photo is fantastic. This way I can see if I really like it. Plus you show the bottom of the tube and I can know what the shade is. Thank you so much. I wish I could find a blog that was just about lipstick. Does anyone know of one? Lipstick is my first love. I do have more nail polish. I guess nails polish is 1.5 on my scale. Good luck with your makeup classes. I hope you'll post about them like you did the nails!

  7. you sell it?
    send me a e-amail!!


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