Monday, 12 October 2009

Becomming a Make-Up Artist: Day One

Well, not much happening on day one other than boring paper work and meeting classmates your going to spend a year with. On the intro day there were about 50 people and some of the people that were there that I knew would drive me nuts were amazingly spilt into another class. Yuss.

Then I found out that we get to have a squiz round the major make-up counters like MAC, Napoleon Perdis etc. Then! I found out that we get a special card for MAC that gives us a discount! :D

Then! We get to do a photoshoot for Geisha/Kabuki later in the year. My fascination for Geisha and Japanese make-up is just way up their with my fascintation for polishes.

I already have a bright blue/canary yellow yukata. I am just going crazy over all the ideas and different things that I could do with that.

We also get to design costumes, accessories, whatever! I am wondering why I chose nails before make-up n_n;
No doubt I will b showing you some of my photoshoots and costumes that I create. It is so exciting. So amazing.

To top that, I purchased MAC's Baby Goth Girl polish this afternoon. It looks pink/purple shimmer in a black base with golden/orange flakies. I cannot wait to try it! And of course, show you guys this weekend.

Today is good. I will be scribbling ideas down all night in my book.


  1. Wow I'm so jealous, thats sounds such fun! What school are you doing it at? I had a few friends doing classes last year but not sure where...
    Hope you had a nice weekend, thank god the weather is better!

  2. Congratulations! I am interested in reading about your adventures in make up.

  3. Hang in there, the first few days may seem tough but after a while you will get to bond with other classmates and have great fun in your quest to becoming a make-up artist.

  4. Melissa - Its heaps of fun :) The weather is finally improving! Can finally have the ranchslider open all day :D

    PLF - Cool :)

    Nail School - Thank-you ♥

  5. I didn't realize that costume design played into the makeup classes. Very interesting. I'd love to know about the Japanese Gheisha makeup. Take lots of pictures. Enjoy yourself.

  6. Whatever you do, PLEASE do proper research on traditional makeup of geisha and their kimono if you dont know it already, its alot of subtle beauty, not alot of flash, not that ridiculous get up Kylie is wearing


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