Wednesday, 2 September 2009

OPI Lunch At The Delhi

(An oldie post)
Ahhhh Delhi... We have a love-hate relationship.

The only reason I keep it is becasue of the ties I have with Delhi, it was one of my first OPI's... but it really does nothing for me.

Lunch At The Delhi is a semi-muted coral creme. It was released in the India collection at the start of 2008.

Three coats were used here. It applied well, not the best I've ever seen but certainly a lot better than some...


  1. It's pretty on you! It's always nice to have colors with memories attached. They never disappoint in the end, like the comfort of an old hoodie or a favorite cardigan.

  2. It may not seem like much, but I have to agree with paintedladyfingers - that's a very pretty on you!

  3. I love that color, but have you seen the new Pink Flamenco in their Fall Espana Colleccion yet,,,just a little bit lighter than the Delhi one and a bit thicker and richer in color.

  4. wow! are those your natural nail? if so, they have sure gotten long! I just noticed the length on them now! very pretty!

    I love that colour, but pretty much, anything coral I attract to

  5. Aww, I actually like this color, it's quite a pretty coral!

  6. gildedangel - i'm glad :)

    PLF - I know what you mean! :D

    nivipa - thanks ♥

    adamhcd - I was looking at it in the store not so long ago!

    Elashaw - yeah they were, thats a very old post I just never got round to doing :) They are almost there though!\

    nicole - im glad you guys are liking it hehe

  7. Gorgeous shade of coral on you. This collection of colors are so beautiful. I need to buy more of them.


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