Saturday, 12 September 2009

OPI Lilac I Care

Here's one that's been sitting around in the 'needs to be posted' pile for a long time, OPI's Lilac I Care.

It is one of the older Yokohamas but Transdesign has the Nicole By OPI reincarnation for sale :)

Three coats here, it is quite a thin formula like with most older OPIs.


  1. That is a beautiful color; I am such a sucker for purples!

  2. I adore this color! Your nails look beautiful. Very lovely shade of lilac. I really need this one.

  3. I had the nick´s stick, but it was awful! Such a horrible brush :( the color is so nice, looks great on you.

  4. GildedAngel - me too!!

    Lucy - It is very pretty, has the Nicole version of it :)

    AYD - I have only heard bad things about those sticks! So sad :( Thank-you though


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