Saturday, 26 September 2009

OPI DS Divine

One of my favourite holographics, Divine.

Perfect in every way. Divine has no flaws.

Theres no doubt about it, Divine is Divine. WHY DID YOU DISCONTINUE IT OPI?! WHY!?!?! Seriously, those new speckled more glitter than holo Designer Series are crap. When I want to wear a holo, I want to wear a holo thats not half-assing the job. I want something that distracts me from what I am suppose to be doing.


  1. That is a beautiful polish, I wish that I could get ahold of it!

  2. This is such a beautiful shade on you. I want the whole series. Not going to happen unless I look on ebay. Why did they have to discontinue them? I'm wearing Passion. I keep looking at my nails under the lamplight.

  3. This is for sure one of my must haves at some point.. that is gorgeous :D

  4. I think that I enjoyed all of the designer series holos. This is a cute pink. Love it!

  5. GildedAngel - I hope that you are able too! I think one of the etailers has oldies up now and again...

    Lucy - oh no :( I hope you are able to find it somewhere! They are gorgeous aren't they? Very distracting.

    Amarena - I think so too!

    RijaH - haha :D

    Denny - They are very beautiful. Why OPI thinks its a good idea to get rid of them baffles me.

  6. Discontinued?? No fair, that's so pretty!


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