Sunday, 20 September 2009


I made these last night during an All Blacks game. Dad was yelling and screaming at the TV so I thought I would make up a few shades.

I've been wanting to make a minty green for a long time now but just haven't had the resources.

I was lusting after the Chanel, Jade. So I tried to make it similar. Who knows if I even remotely close! It involved OPI Hey Get In Lime, OPI Sea Ya Later Sailor, a random dollar store pale green and Bloom Alessandra.

The second franken was really just a mix of everything, I wasn't really aiming for anything :D A mix of that and a mix of this!

The third one I love. The shimmer is just incredible.

Tell me what you think of them!

Names I picked from your lovely suggestions:
1 - Nice to Mint You!
2 - Dark Side Of The Moon
3 - Royal Tease

Thanks so much for the great input n_nb


  1. 1. Lucky Jade
    2. Midnight Sky
    3. Royal Tease

    I think they're beautiful, by the way.

  2. Beautiful colours!!
    Here my worthless ideas:)

    3- Blue submarine
    2- The dark side of the moon / Deep under the sea
    1- Jade juice

    And one little question. How do you use NailTek Citra 3 to get the best of it? I am not sure how to use it =/

    Love~ Ana

  3. These are gorgeous! I may need to try my hand at frankening....

  4. Phyrra - great ideas and thank-you :)

    HiddenInnocence - I have been meaning to email you for a long time! But I can't find your email anymore :( Also, your ideas are not worthless! I love those suggestions. I just used Citra 3 as my base coat every time I did my nails :)

    GildedAngel - please do! you will have so much fun ♥

  5. I love your frankens! :-)
    here are some name suggestions:

    mint delight, nice to mint you

    ocean depth, nightswimming

    blue velvet, ravenclaw charm

  6. O0o! I love that nice to mint you :D

  7. Oh! My email is

    Thank you!!

  8. Wow, your frankens are so beautiful! I love them all.

    Also, I love your blog!!

    I tagged you on mine:

  9. Now that Jade is sold out I can stop worry about whether I'm going to order it or not and start to work on a franken! Thanks for sharing yours!

  10. I love really your franken!It's very beautiful! good job!

  11. Wowser, the mint one is yum - well done!

  12. My favourite: Royal tease.

    Great job!

  13. yay! glad you liked my suggestion for a name. thanks! :-)

  14. your nails are so short! just like mine. lol. Yeah mines are that short but Im trying to outgrow them.
    love how you paint them tho :)


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