Sunday, 30 August 2009

Zoya Suvi

Another gem from March :D

This is three coats of Zoya's Suvi. A beautiful rain forest green.

It looks really nice but I don't find my self going for the darker greens just yet.


  1. Very nice :) will be great for fall. Wonder how it looks matte.

  2. omg. at first sight i thought: 'damn, her nails grow really fast' and then i realized that these were old pics. :P but nevertheless, your nails look beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful color. So glad that I have it! Looks gorgeous on you. Love the greens!

  4. The green is nice....just sort of St. Patrick's Day-ish. Zoya is formaldehyde free, right? I love safer nail polishes. Do you all realize how toxic regular nail polish is and it absorbs right into your body...Absolutely adorable blog, by the way!


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