Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Zoya Hot Lips Smoochie

Smoochie is mum's favourite and I can see why!

Smoochie gives your lips a sort of 'strawberry stain' if you like, with a subtle shimmer. I quite like this one too... hmm hehe

NZers can buy them here.


  1. I really like Smoochie! I wear a lot of MAC pigments, so I prefer a lip color that goes on like a stain, but is still shiny. It adds enough balance to offset dramatic eye makeup, but would also work for a natural look. Perfect!

  2. Hi honey! I always read your blog via Google Reader, and I just want to say I visited your actual website for the first time in a few months and I love the new blog header - what a cute font/look! :) Good luck with everything... Hugs from the US :)

  3. Another Lucy! I like this shade. Has a little more color. I like glosses with more pigmentation in them. These are pretty though. Are they sticky at all?


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