Saturday, 1 August 2009

OPI Shorts Story

Hey! Good morning! This is just a quick post because I am supposed to be leaving in a few mintues and I didn't want to leave you deprived for a few days n_n

This is OPI's Shorts Story. My sister absolutley hates the name as it really makes no sense. Well of course you have 'short stories' and then this pink comes from a jeans/shorts collection... But really they make no connection.

Just two coats here. Extremely pigmented, could almost get away with one.

Have a good weekend!

Also... I chose Purple With A Purpose to wear to the 70's party tonight... Violet Fire is a little more painful to use lol.


  1. That is a pretty color! I agree, I think that the name was a bit of a stretch. :)

  2. wow!!! it looks great! Neat, simple and cute...

    it is very pretty for girls who has a childish and playful aura.

  3. That's a nice fresh pink. The name, when out of context of the collection, is a bit perplexing.

  4. i have this one i absolutely love it. the only thing is when i go swimming with it, its looks soo neon-y ,is that a word? maybe its my imagination

  5. That is a gorgeous pink. Your nail look so pretty! Enjoy your party!!

  6. Have a great weekend. I'm kind of jealous about this party, makes me want to have one!

  7. Loving this color! Especially on you!


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