Monday, 10 August 2009

Lemme Show You My Lippies...

I finally have a use for this plastic thing! I can also still fit 5 more lippies in there... ;)

Well this is the lot at the moment. Snob, Pink Nouveau, Strayin', Girl About Town, Sweet Thing, Big Bow and Made With Love.

: Snob is a really nice light pink, my kind of 'nude'. It goes on either lightly or opaque. Can be drying if you don't have lip balm or prep underneath.

Pink Nouveau: My absolute favourite at the moment. Goes on quite opaque and bright. I think Pink Nouveau is like what barbie has on her lips. I got this one because my friend had always worn it and I couldn't find it because the MAC ladies told me it was DC'ed. Thankfully one still had one.

Strayin': Love at first sight. Rivaling Pink Nouveau although I haven't worn Strayin' out yet. It is much creamier and a little more shiny/sparkley and more yellow toned compared to PN.

Girl About Town: My first lippie. I haven't worn it as much because its a little hard for me to put on and because it is such a bold colour, you can see where you go wrong. As shown here lol. My tutor kept telling me to put a gloss on it and a classmate said "Steph, jsut a headsup, I think your lips could look really glamourous with some gloss on top". Um, k. So I went to MAC and the guy put one on top. It didn't look at all different to me, only close-up. Whatever - I wear it by itself :)

Sweet Thing: I didn't think i;d like this one as it isn't quite as standy-outy as the others I own. But! I tried it on in the sunlight and it was really pretty. Sweet Thing just added a tiny bit of darker pink to my natural lip colour as well as some sparklies. I like.

Made With Love: Is a pretty orange/coral. It goes on quite sheer but builds up quickly. I think I will choose this one on one of my 'not feeling so bold' days. Made With Love also looks similar to Big Bow, but once the sunlight hits Big Bow, WOAH!

Big Bow: Looks quite subtle until light hits it. I like how Big Bow gives me a peachy/coraly lip with a whole heapa sparklies. I also loved that it had Bow in the name and has a Hello Kitty Face in the lipstick. So cute!


  1. Made with Love and Big Bow are my favorites. I wear a lot of sheer glosses that are packed with shimmer when the weather is warm here. Nice swatches!

  2. I love 'Girl About Town' on you - despite your claim that it is too bold - I think it looks amazing!

    My second fave isssss 'Made With Love' - Gorgeous on you!

    Pretty shades, thankies for sharing!

  3. Nice lipsticks. That is my first love over nail polish. I have so many lipsticks. I love all of the colors. I believe you love pink! I have to get Strayin'. That's a really pretty color.

  4. PLF - Oooh I like to do that too! :D

    Delaynee - Aw thanks. I quite like those two as well. I don't mind sharing at all :)

    Lucy - Thanks! I can tell its going to get a whole lot bigger lol. What kind of colours/finishes do you like most? I do love pink :P

  5. LOL! SOmeone LOVES pink:) I have one ofthose but the lipsticks and glosses I use won't fit:(

  6. Hehe thats true, I love pink. Thats a shame goddess :(

  7. I have Sweet Thing and I love it :)
    Girl About Town is gorgeous on you.
    Big Bow is amazingly pretty.


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