Friday, 17 July 2009

Zoya Morgan

I love this Zoya to pieces. I'd marry it if I could. It's in the same ranks as That's Berry Daring, Pure Energy and Peppermint Patti, just love 'em.

Those are the polishes I could live with for the rest of my life, only if I had too ;)

Right! Back to my darling Morgan. Morgan is a part of Zoya's core collection.

Morgan is a hot pink/fuchsia jelly. I say jelly, but if you do thick enough coats it can become a little more opaque.

I used just two coats here.

Formula is absolutely awesome. It works so well with the shape of the brush, I am able to create that perfect gap line. The formula is so smooth, like butter.

I am meeting boyfriend today so I might wear this with some little white bows n_n

I am wondering... if you don't have this shade.... why not!?


  1. My best friend and I did the Zoya exchange together. We sat up for hours picking out colors that weren't too close together. She got this one, maybe I'll have to put it on this weekend! Gorgeous, unlike any other bright pink I have.

  2. Lovely colors!!! Looking very pretty!

  3. I'm not in to this colour, but Zoya polishes are my absolute favourite - the only ones I'll use. Blair & Sloane are two of my tops. Their entire system is fantastic, I won't even use any other nail polish but Remove + anymore.
    I just can't believe how expensive it is for you over there though. And you paid $20 for the lip gloss - that is ridiculous! They are soooo cheap in the US.

  4. That is a gorgeous color on you. I just checked my list and I don't have it. I'm hanging my head in shame. I know I have it on my list to order from Zoya. Have a nice weekend.


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