Sunday, 5 July 2009

Skittle Me Happy - Baby Pinks + Peaches

I think this is about the only thing that has gone right for me today... I managed to ruin the keyboard by spilling my hot chocolate all over it. For some reason when I pushed 'K', an '8' would appear beside it. So I pulled out the old keyboard lol.

Ok so whilst I had some sun before the storm, I managed to swatch a few comparisons.

From the pointer to the pinky:
OPI I Pink I Love You
OPI I'm OK, You're Bouquet!
OPI Blush Of Adrenaline
MAC Seasonal Peach

I Pink I Love You was three coats, a little iffy to apply without a base coat. Bouquet was beautiful in two. Adrenaline was beautiful in two as well, and Peach was a nightmare to apply without a ridge filler at 3 coats.

I love these shades together, makes me think... candies, clouds, cute little animals, bows, ribbons, sweet lolita, rainbows... everything girly and feminine.


  1. I've been waiting to see I'm Ok You're Bouquet. I think I might bet it, pretty pinks!

  2. I pink I love you is the one that I like the best. It looks so sweet and innocent. :-)

  3. i'm LOVING blush! i've never even heard of that one before. i nnneeeeddd it :)

  4. Just love all these shades. I so wanted the Mac polish. Do you know of a dupe for it?


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