Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Products I Love : CND Cuticle Eraser

I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite products. I have many, but just one for now :)

It is Creative Nail Designs Cuticle Eraser. CE for short, ok?

Since I've been using it, must be for about a year now? I haven't had any Pterygium (overgrowth of the cuticle, the stuff you cut). Miracle worker I tell you. Although for people who have something in their system that causes pterygium, this may not work as well for you.

You only really need to use this once or twice a day. I usually use it in the morning and then use CND's Rejuvenator every other time my cuticles feel dry.

I haven't used CE for a long time, it's run out on me and I forgot to order some :( It retails for $49 here in NZ, but I can order it for $10. Craziness.

How to use?

Just squeeze a wee bit onto your cuticle or hand and rub it in. Easy and simple, and now you have lovely moistened, plump, fresh looking cuticles and hands.


  1. beautiful nails and I love your new blog design (the font)

  2. Yay, I just ordered some of this :D Haven't seen it for sale...

  3. Definitely gonna get some of this in my next h2t order - my cuticles just won't quit!

  4. $49!?
    I buy that wholesale for $5 here in the US - but I have a license... won't you be able to get it wholesale as well now that you're officially a nail tek?

  5. How do you keep your nails from getting stained? I always use a basecoat. I used a Zoya RidgeFiller, 2 coats. I also buff my nails buy very little yellow goes away.


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