Sunday, 12 July 2009

OPI That's Berry Daring

One of my favourite shades ever! I've had it on my toes (with little white bows) for about 2 weeks now, it's just so awesome to look at.

That's Berry Daring is in OPI's core Brights line. So you should be able to find it with ease :)

I think one reason why I love it, is because of the formula. Its perfect, nothing you would change about it. It's the right consistency, goes on so smoothly, builds up quickly.

The brush is also really lovely, so it helps me create the gap with ease.

I used just two coats here.

I wish I had a lipstick like this n_n


  1. This is gorgeous! I'm sure they make lipstick like this - look around :)

  2. It's really pretty!

    Hey, what are your favorite bright fuschia/magenta shades?

  3. Danica - I most certainly will :D

    Phyrra - Hey! Thankyou n_n My faves would have to be Zoya Morgan (posting soon), OPI Fuchsia Fling (posting soon), OPI Thats Berry Daring, OPI India Mood For Love... hmm... oh! OPI DS Divine! China Glaze It's Poppin'... Thats all I can remember at the moment :D

  4. Pretty!

    If I may ask, how much is shipping to NZ for head2toebeauty?

  5. Fallingcandles - Ask away! it really depends on what you order, its about $20NZ for 6 and under bottles

  6. Another gorgeous shade. I can see why you love this one. Looks so lovely on you. I wrote this on my polish "wants" list.


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