Wednesday, 22 July 2009

OPI My Private Jet

As you can see this is the holo version of My Private Jet, the original version. I think there are up to four different My Private Jet's now!

I used just two coats here so that is why it's still a little sheer in some places. Plus I didn't have a base coat on here. The sun was playing games today so I had to be quick! :D

I am not too fond of the formula in my one, it is quite runny almost watery. Ugh. Not that easy to use. I can't really compare to the newer more glitter like version because I don't think it has hit NZ's shores yet. There are holo MPJs in every store.

I'm not even too happy with the colour. Maybe I just need to wear it in Summer and Spring to get the full effect :)


  1. All these different versions of this colour have me very confused! How do you know which version you have? I wasn't overly fussed on mine when I tried it, I have no idea what version it is though!

  2. I got the brownish glitter version and I hate it. I bought it on ebay thinking it's the holoversion.
    and your comment about summer confused me, but I see you live in NZ ;-)

  3. i find that colour to be quite lovely!!
    also, I was browsing your previous posts and seen your mom's before/after nail shot with strawberry fields. amazing! was she using anything to help with the growth? she has beautiful nails now :) the colour is stunning on her!
    have a great day : )

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous on you!

  5. That's gorgeous! I'm glad to see this swatched, as my version definitely does not have the holo.

  6. Are they trying to confuse us! I don't know which finish I have. This version looks like Color Club's Revvolution. Looks beautiful on you.

  7. Oh my gosh, where did you get it? Maybe I shouldn't have ordered my MPJ online. Anybody get their MPJ at 8ty8 beauty? I'm just hoping it's really holographic!

  8. I had no idea they changed the formula! I'm glad I bought the old holo version when it was still around :) It looks fantastic on you!

  9. Selina - Well theres only the original version here... and it isn't glitery or purple or have a teal flash :)

    Loungie - Aww :( I think the seller Sparkling*Nails usually has the holo version listed!

    Elashaw - Thanks n_n She just used a treatment basecoat the whole time. She changed which one she used a lot until she found one which worked best for her.

    Sasha - Thanks :)

    Nicole - well it really depends on if you like your one :)

    Lucy - It does but MPJ is more brown, more holo and more sheer. Very close though!

    Danica - I just got mine from a department store! I don't really know about 8ty8s versions sorry.

    Pink Ginger - Yeah they did! Lotsa times! lol. Thank-you ♥

  10. It certainly looks pretty, though I hate when polishes have a too-runny formula. Hmm, I wonder where I can find a version of this color near where I live...

  11. OK, stupid newbie question. Why are there so many versions of My Private Jet??

  12. Emilita - Good luck! :D

    Shelley - OPI just keeps changing the formula I guess?

  13. Okay, so I got my MPJ in the mail today. from 8ty8 beauty. I should have known better, I knew there was more than one. I'm kind of upset. Not sure what to do, because I'm almost positive they have the real holo one at a Trade Secret in my mall. I really don't know what to do with this one now though - Use it for frankening? Try to add some fine holo glitter? It just won't be the same!

  14. i just yesterday got mpj that appeared in the bottle to be a copperish brown with silvery metallic glitter. it applies nicely in two coats, and once applied you can see that it *is* holo, but *very* subtlely so. the back ground color looks grey, brown, or even burgundy-ish depending on the light.

    overall kind of an odd color (i picked it up as an impulsive freebie at a buy two get two sale at ulta), but i kinda like it...


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