Tuesday, 14 July 2009

OPI Banana Bandanna

Banana Bandanna was released this year along with a fuchsia, blue and coral.

Before you go and get all excited over OPI doing their first ever pastel yellow, read this review :D

Ok I was a bit stand-offish about ordering this one as I already had my franken Chicklet. Chicklet is much more yellow/orange though. But I finally just caved in and got it.

It came, and I tried it. I used 3 coats here over a ridgefiller. It needed the rigdefiller because it seemed to gather on the sides of my nails leaving the middle a bit more 'exposed' than the other parts, so the RF helps it stick everywhere evenly.

So as well as the the base coat and ridge-filller, I had to do three troublesome coats to get it looking like this. Sure it looks lovely... but it is a lot of work.

The formula was quite thick but runny and watery all in one. So it was hard to direct it where to go. And where it stayed was completely upto Banana Bandanna.

I hated it when I had finished. I think it was just all the trouble to go through to get it loooking nice, because now I like how it looks on me.

Maybe I will warm upto Banana Bandanna in Spring or Summer?


  1. I remember I just did 2 uneven coats and then slapped on a thick 3rd and hoped for the best. I loved it at first sight :D But then again, I suck at "the gap" and neatness at the best of times!

  2. That's interesting. I just did a post about Banana Bandanna on my blog and I didn't have this kind of problems. Sure, I have shorter nails etc. But I was satisfied with just two coats. It would look a bit better with three coats but I added some Konad afterwards, so it was just fine.

    I really love Banana Bandanna! It's just perfect for summer konadicure ;)

    Just a side note: I love your blog and I'm reading it daily ;)

  3. I am really loving this shade of yellow. It looks gorgeous on you. I think you'll change your polish to fast to fall in love with it. Your nails always looks so pretty and the polish is neat. I'm not a good nail polisher.

  4. This color is really pretty! I love pastel yellow, but it looks horrible on me. =( But, it looks absolutely wonderful on you!

  5. i like this yellow.. i hate how most of them (yellows) are such a pain to apply.
    your application looks great though, i dont see any ridges. my yellow application never look this good : (


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