Friday, 24 July 2009

MAC Snob

Welcome to my first make-up related post! :D I am so excited.

Here we have MAC's Snob. A not so nice name for a very nice shade of pink. Snob is a part of their main line.

I bought Snob on a whim just because it looked so sumptuous in the tube. I am a sucker for baby pinks and now that I am just getting into make-up is even worse >_< (for my wallet, I mean).

Snob is quite a versatile colour. You can wear it lightly, as I am in the photo or you can build it up easily just by pushing a little harder.

I used a basic lip balm underneath to help it flow on a little smoother. I am seriously considering the MAC lip treatment or the Lip Prep + Prime.

I was really thinking about getting rid of Snob but after trying it on today, it's a keeper! n_n

* I am NW15 in MAC for reference


  1. congrats on yout first make up post! it's great and I'll be happy to read more posts like this (and fashion too).
    the lipstick looks great on you. baby pink looks awful on my lips - so I paint my nails with it ;-)

  2. Yay, make-up posts too! That's a beautiful shade of pink on you. Not so sure how it would work on me, but you wear it well.

  3. I really like the M.A.C. prep & prime for lips. It makes my lipstick last much longer than without. (don't waste your money on M.A.C.'s prep & prime treatment for eyes)

  4. Wow I've been looking for a pink like that for a year now. Thanks. I'm on my way to my mac's counter soon. :D

  5. That's a really pretty pink. I love seeing other people's make-up!

  6. Love the lipstick, it looks really pretty on. Would love to see more makeup and especially a full face look. Do you have anymore Mac lipsticks? You will after this!


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