Thursday, 2 July 2009

Handy Hints - Nail Polish Removers

I hope you lovely ladies (and men) learn a little something from this new Handy Hints series n_n Our first one is dedicated to Nail Polish Remover.

Basically there are 3 types, Acetone Formula, Non-Acetone and Straight Acetone.

Let's see what they do:

Acetone Remover
  • Best for natural nails
  • Safe to use
  • A little drying, but your body will repair that in 24 hours
  • Removes polish quite quickly
Non - Acetone Remover
  • Just because it's stated 'Non-Acetone' doesn't make it better!
  • More drying than Acetone Remover
  • Best suited for artificial nails
  • Can be more harmful to you
  • Takes a little longer to remove polish as it tends to push it around more rather than absorb
  • If you prefer to use this one instead of the Acetone formulated one because it is more drying (for you), please keep in mind that you can always slather on some oil and all is good again, maybe even better! n_n
Straight Acetone
  • Ok, I wouldn't really recommend this as your everyday remover but sometimes Glitter polishes needs it to come off quickly and efficiently
  • Is pretty safe to use, second safest substance a Nail Tech uses. First, is water.
The best remover I have ever come across was Zoya's Remove+. Best stuff ever. Didn't leave you feeling dry, smells nice, made your fingers feel moistened and nourished. It is quite expensive though, so once my sample ran out back to the drug store remover I went.

I mean, it still does the job just remember to always slap on some oil or cuticle cream after using remover, and not to drink it.

Handy Hints coming up; Files, Artificial Nails, Basic Nail Care, Top Coats & Base Coats, Cuticle Care... is there something you would like me to talk about?


  1. and all this time I thought the non-acetone was better for the nails! I had no idea it was more drying. I will very happily switch to the regular acetone polish remover. Thanks for the tip!

  2. whats the difference between acetone and straight acetone?
    and really i had no idea that non-acetone was more drying!

  3. really? I had no idea...why is non-acetone remover more drying? Thanks for the post!

  4. And here I thought non-acetone was kinder even to natural nails. Good to learn.

    Could you talk about shaping nails, please? I can never get all ten to look like they belong on the same person.

  5. Rima - it has some other stuff added to it I think, just watered down a wee bit perhaps?

    Anon - sure n_n

  6. Thanks for the post Steph! I had always wondered about the three kinds of remover. Really looking forward to the rest of this series! : D

  7. Thanx for an interesting and informative post! Can't wait for the rest of the series. Love your blog - I'm always excited when I see that there is new post.

  8. Great tips, Steph! I also love Zoya's Remove +.

  9. Are all brands of nailpolish remover the same? I use ONYX Professional Moisturizing. It's a huge bottle, it's purple, and it's pretty cheap. I use remover like it's going out of style, so I like it to be cheap, but is one brand somehow better than another?

  10. I get such a rash reaction from non-acetone remover! What is in that stuff? Even if I have the occasional glue-on nail to cover up a break, I use acetone remover. I agree with you on Zoya Remove. Once I tried that brand, I've never used anything else.

  11. Hidden-Innocence3 July 2009 at 02:06

    Hey!! Awesome post!! Really helpful =) Could you talk about hand lotions? I can't get the right one =/

  12. I'm going to show this post to my mom. She's always trying to talk me out of using Acetone remover and switch to Non-Acetone because she thought it was safer. Now I can prove that using Acetone remover is actually better! Thanks!

  13. Steph, you are a wealth of knowledge. lol Thanks for keeping us informed.

  14. I had no idea that acetone was better than non-acetone. My mother and grandmother always discouraged me from using it, saying non-acetone was better and safer for nails, but I will definitely switch over soon so I can compare first hand (no pun intended)! Thanks!

  15. I just prefer the Acetone Formula because it does a good job. The non Acetone does take longer. Thanks for the information.


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