Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tip & Overlay

These are my current nails, basic tip and overlay.

My only tiff with these is that they are all sort of shaped differently... which really gets on my nerves. I hate being a perfectionist sometimes, sure you do good work and things - but it can drive you insane trying to get that perfect curve.

And hopefully I get them off tomorrow. I have got one off, most are all chipped (more liek picked...) around the cuticle and sides, my right thumb tip has lost a corner, goodness knows how.

My conclusion: Artificial nails of any kind, are not for me. I just pick and pick and pick. Absolutley great though if you don't have the time to maintain your own nails and don't fuss over little things n_n

My tutor has set me up with a client who wants nail art tomorrow! n_nb Excitinnnngggg~! Tutor tells me she has long nails too... woohoo! Long nails are always the best canvas for extravagant designs. Short nails can also look just as beautiful, just not as much space to play with :)


  1. AntiSocial Butterfly17 June 2009 at 06:41


    Love your blog, I've only just discovered it but its now bookmarked along with scrangies :)

    Also I have a question I'm hoping you can assist me with. I always get a torn nail on my thumb, right on the translucent part of the nail plate just before the white part starts, so it bleeds if I pull it off (charming I know) anyway I take calcium & hair,skin & nail vitamins, take care of my diet, buff my nails once a fortnight & use strengthening base coats but I still get it once my nail gets to a certain length & always on the same thumb! So question is, What would you recommend I use to reinforce it? a silk wrap, gel overlay, gel polish or acrylic??? I have no clue about this stuff, My other nails feel strong & don't have the same problem, I really want to reinforce the nail with out doing to much damage.

    Any advise would be super appreciated !!!

  2. Your tips look great, but I'm with you! Tips are too cumbersome!

  3. I can imagine how those tips would bug you.
    They are way too high set up on the nail bed, it makes them look stumpy... And it gets progressively worse, your index is almost okay, but once you get to your pinky it's like half of the nail bed you should have..

  4. Butterfly - Hmmm, that sounds a little odd. I would probably go with the silk wrap, just because it looks like your real nail and it is so much easier to maintain than acrylics and gels. Let me know what you decide to do n_n

    Kim - 100%!

    Anon - Well I do have little beds to start with, lucky I had some tip length here, imagine if she had cut them shorter! (I asked her not too) the white would just look so out of proportion.

  5. AntiSocial Butterfly17 June 2009 at 18:35

    Thanks so much for replying to my Q's, I thought I had finally solved the torn nail drama when I started taking the vitamins as my other nails really seemed to harden up but lo & behold once that thumb nail grew just over my fingertip it split again :( I'll give the silk wraps a try & let you know.

  6. My girlfriend has the same problem with her thumbnail. I think it's the banging on the computer keyboard. Her other nails are fine. You always strike the space bar with the side of your thumb. The nail keeps getting weak. She's been taking Biotin and it's helped. I read about that on someone's blog.

  7. AntiSocial Butterfly20 June 2009 at 04:54

    Lucy: I never considered the keyboard could be the culprit but I think you've solved the mystery for me !! So a big Thank You :)I'm taking GNC hair,skin,nails with Biotin (changed over from the boots vitamins about 3 weeks ago) so hopefully I'll see an improvement soon.

    Steph NJ: I went with the silk wrap on my thumb so far so good, Thanks heaps for your advice :)


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