Monday, 22 June 2009

OPI Malibu Blue NL C43

This is OPI's Malibu Blue, from the California collection only released in Australia quite a little while ago. Same collection from Earthquake!, Tahoe Topaz and Beverly Hills Chills.

I used three coats here. It seemed very watery and that's a nightmare without the pro-wide brush... It means a lot more polish needs to be applied for one coat to make it even and opaque.

Malibu Blue is a denim blue frost with scattered silver flecks, making it very very shiny in the sunlight!

When I received Malibu Blue, I thought it looked very similar to Blue Jeans... and it is. On the comparison shot at the end of the post, Pick Me Up Purple is on the index, Malibu Blue on the middle and Blue Jeans on the ring finger. Only a slight difference eh? Bye bye Malibu Blue.

Bottles lined up: Blue Jeans, Malibu Blue, Pick Me Up Purple


  1. It's also very similar to Piggy Polish Blue-ty Call. I LOVE the color on you!

  2. Hi there, I just got linked to your blog by a member of a LJ community I'm in since we both live in New Zealand. I just wanted to ask you where the best place for buying polishes is, whether online (with the cheapest shipping to NZ) or in town. (I live in Christchurch). Cheers!

  3. Pretty shade of polish. Looks so pretty on you. They have such nerve! Practically the same shade. Really the same company, are they just trying to rip us off?


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