Monday, 15 June 2009


Well, there are three weeks left of becoming a nail technician...

So these last three weeks are pretty much clients all day - every day.

Today I had to do some maintenance work on a classmate's set of acrylics. Fairly easy. Then she had to maintenance the gel on my toes... What a lovely experience. I've been craving for a pedi, ad this is the closest I would get to it haha. A few people don't really like the filing or cuticle work on toes (been done to them), but I love it! I mean, how often do your toes get rubbed? Unless you have a devoted partner doting on you- I'm guessing not that much.

Nail art again on Friday morning! I can't decide what to do this time! I'm going to have a scrummage round the 'net and see what I can find.

This isn't a new series lol so don't worry.

Where have I been these last few days? Well, I have been trying to plan and sort out what I will do after my course. The goal is to move out of home, work from home (doing nails) and do a year long make-up course at the same academy I am learning nails. How cool would that be?! Make-up?! I usually wear the bare-necessities... but if I could do awesome things with make-up, then you can bet it'd be on my face. Would you like photos of the creations I make on the make-up course?

You also learn hair styling and body painting and some other things, but this is all I can remember. My nail tutor suggested that I do it because this afternoon she saw me colouring in a drawing of mine. I had also been thinkning about it too - as UNI just seems @_@ way out of my league. Normal people jobs aren't for me i'm afraid.

Of course I will try and keep NJ up and running as much as possible... hopefully my parents let me 'borrow' one of the laptops... *crosses fingers*

Aaaaaand because we are all about the visuals here at Nail Juice, here are some polishes I picked up (so sorry for the lighting):

OPI Malibu Blue NL C43

Maybelline Matte Grape


  1. I'm loving your "becoming..." series so I'd be a reader of "becoming a make-up-artist" as well - not the least because I have taken a course similar to the one you are thining about here in Norway.

    I loved it so much! My favourites were SFX and period themes, I can draw an awesome liner with fluid eye liner :D But don't count on doing to much make-up on your self. When I worked as a make-up-artist I hardly wore make-up at all, I would show up at a job looking like someones tattered, tractor-lesbian little sister!

    Do you want some tips? Learn to do eyebrows REALLY well to accomodate any persons face and features. Buy all the books by Kevyn Aucoin. Stila's "Kitten" is the one eyeshadow that suites about anyone. Oh - yeah: And have funfun! And take good care of all your brushes, go for quality.

  2. I would love to hear of your further education. What your doing is so interesting. I like the matte grape polish. I used Fantasy holo and them used Orly Matte topcoat. Came out really good. Good luck with all that you do. I would love to see more pictures.

  3. I would love to hear about the make up coarse! And I think It's a great idea!

  4. matte maybelline!?!? never heard of it!

  5. How old is that matte Maybelline...or is it new? I've never seen it before, either.


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