Monday, 8 June 2009


I love my tutor! A whole day of nail art... wow n_nb

I loved every minute of it. Although I only got two designs done, I am very pleased with them.

This first photo is one that the boyfriend took, he told me they were his favourite designs n_n How sweet.

This is one that my mum wants on her nails. I really like this design, but think I could have done something more on the thumb. I couldn't think what so I left it, didn't let myself have the chance to screw it up lol.
What I used:
  • Revlon navy (can't remember name, dark pleasures collection)
  • China Glaze Awaken for the design
  • Konad plate M71 for the design
  • Silver balls
  • White pearls
  • Silver rhinestones

This is one I have fantasised about creating since I saw it in a magazine, then Brooke tried it and it just amazed me. I love anything nautical, anything sailor. I think I might do this on my nails for when it's time to dress up in my seifuku at the comic/game convention!

What I used:
  • Basic white polish for the base
  • OPI On Collins Ave. for the red
  • Revlon navy (don't know the name, one of the dark pleasures)
  • Red rhinestones
  • Gold balls


  1. Wow. Just ... wow! I don't think I'd ever have hands steady enough to do that sort of work!

    The Revlon colour is Midnight Affair - it's one of my fave navy blues.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love the second one! How did you get those gold balls on so perfectly, it looks like it comes like that like a sticker! I love that, I could never do those tiny little ones! I'm so jealous! Beautiful

  3. I absolutely love the second one! You did an amazing job! I could never do this, it's so intricate. I have a hard enough time trying to do polka dots. haha

  4. Both manicures are beautiful. The nautical manicure is really gorgeous. That anchor is amazing. You did it so perfectly.
    I love the navy polish. The design is so pretty. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next.

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  7. other than a manicure stick, what is a good way to get rhinestone accents on your polish with no mess?


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