Tuesday, 23 June 2009

MAC Seasonal Peach

Mmm Seasonal Peach, one of my faves. Seasonal Peach was re-released this year along side with Peppermint Patti in MAC's Sugarsweet collection.

I was quite worried about receiving it when I heard about all the problems people were having with it, streaking badly and applying unevenly. I first tried it on my natural nail, little bit of unevenness, but not really that much to bother me.

Then I tried it over a coat of Zoya's Get Even, best ever ridgefiller, and it applied like butter. Stayed where I put it and didn't slope to the sides :) Perfect.

The formula was pretty good, not runny or heavily thick. A very reasonable consistency to work with n_nb I am wearing three coats here. I highly recommend that you use a ridgefiller for Seasonal Peach.


Today my tutor taught us about Paraffin Waxing. If you have not had one of these, book one ASAP!

Holy crap, it was heaven and still is and should still be for 2-3 days.

As it is Winter, my hands are very dry and sort of... chalky? I'm not really sure, they just aren't soft and you can see the dead skin.

So, what is a Pariffin Wax? It is a soothing treatment for your hands and feet. You can get it pretty much anywhere - but we are only focusing on those areas n_n You get your hands (or feet) exfoliated then covered with a hand cream or masque, then coated in this lovely warm wax for about 10-20 minutes.

When it is taken off... your hands are instantly more plumped, smooth, soft, everything you want them to be. Oh, can I just say - It makes your cuticles look like a million dollars. It is so realxing too! My dad, sister and mum have already booked in for one by me hehe n_n I want to do my feet so bad!

I want to offer this to my clients all the time!

Tomorrow is another nail art day. But this one is different, these clients have booked in for nail art! :D I am always excited to see what they want and their lovely smiley faces when the job is complete ♥


  1. That is an amazing color! I love it!

  2. I had a paraffin wax done years ago, and I loved how soft my hands felt afterwards, BUT soon after I developed little itchy spots on the back of my hands (similar to heat rash) which stayed for a few days and itched like crazy. I've never had one done since.

  3. This is the color that started it all for me! It made my nail polish collection grow exponentially and I still love it so much. The paraffin wax treatment sounds really great!!

  4. I love this peach color and I am sooooo not a peach fan. It looks really great on you.

    i love hearing bout your school and what you learned for the day, keep up the good work!

  5. That treatment sounds so wonderful. I'd love to book a treatment also! I was always thinking of buying the machine and wax for at home use. I so enjoy hearing about what your learning. I also love the Seasonal Peach on you. Very pretty. I love peach ice cream also, hehe.

  6. It's winter where you are? That's so weird for me to imagine :) So when the summer nailpolish collections comes out it's winter?


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