Sunday, 28 June 2009

Becoming A Nail Tech: Graduation!

Isn't it a great feeling knowing you've finished? I still have a week left of course, I'm still going to go in and just hang out with my classmates, do a little nail art and find a gift for my tutor. But most importantly, what will I wear for Graduation?! Last night I was playing around with colours to match my new dress. I picked out:

Essie Shelter Island

OPI India Mood For Love

OPI In My Back Pocket

OPI Shorts Story

OPI Party In My Cabana
So I have all 5 on my right hand, and I am wanting to choose only one pink to go with the blue and orange. I'm gravitating towards India Mood For Love as it seems to be the same sort of hue as the orange and blue.

Then I was thinking to use the wallpaper design from plate M71 in black on top of all the nails. I would show you photos but my significant other has the camera cable n_n; Handy eh. I have heaps of nail art to show you and also that Maybelline Matte, so Monday I will get my lovely cable.

I'll show you the dress material tomorrow, but in the mean time, what do you think? Colours? Konad? Any ideas? n_n

This is the wallpaper design:


  1. g0rjuz colours hun,i love the blue but... All depends on ur dress. Good on u for finishing your nail course you should be veryyyyy proud of yourself.if only i was where-ever you are,id come straight to u for a mani hehehehe. take care doll =D

  2. Hey n_n My dress is black with orange, pink, blue, yellow and white toned flowers... i'll show you guys it tomorrow n_n

  3. OPI in My Back Pocket!!

    Though would have to see the dress, it all depends on the dress.

  4. I want to see the dress! If all those colors seem to match the dress, then it looks like it'd be really pretty!

  5. i like orange...but that's just me. they're all great colors, and it depends on your dress! so are you doing just multicolored nails? congratulations! (almost)

  6. Congrats to you!!!! I'm so proud that you've completed your course. You have such lovely nails. Thanks for letting us help you to choose a nail color. Let's me feel like I can contribute something to you. You've done so much for me. I enjoy your photos and beautiful nails. I love your blog and writing. It's really nice to get to know you.

  7. Good on ya for making it all the way through! I wish I could be there to cheer you on, and I'll echo the "wish I could go to you for a mani" comment above. If I'm ever holidaying in Australia. . . .

  8. Congrats, dear!
    I love that wallpaper design so go with it! And Mood For Love will be great as a base.
    Congrats again, can't wait to see more designs and tips!

  9. Greenday - I love the orange too! :D

    Danica - it's comin today!

    Jenn - I was thinking of doing that, I tried it but I just wasn't feeling it. I don't think I can do skittle manis lol Thanks n_nb

    Lucy - Aww thankyou .n_n. I didn't know who else to ask! I love getting opinions from you guys :)

    Nivipa - Hehe thanks! But you'd have to be in New Zealand, not Aussie :P I'd be more than happy to mani any NJ readers!

    Ness - Thankyou ♥ I will try take some photos today n_n

  10. Well, for me I like the pink color of the nail polish here. Really, really cute. But anyways, all the colors here are great. I love visiting this blog. Hope to see more updates of nail arts here.


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