Saturday, 9 May 2009

Tattoos on my hands.... do I or don't I?

Well one of the girls from my class was thinking about getting another tattoo and she had this huge book full of them. None of them really appealed to me... but once I got thinking about it through the day, I thought about things that would have meaning to me, not just something out of a book.

So now I'm really excited. I want to have smallish tattoos on top of my hands running up to my wrist, maybe a little further.

I asked on MUA if they would be offended if they would be creeped out if they went to get a manicure and that lady hand tattoos on her hands. Most responses were no.

But my parents think they're awful and keep telling me to think about what they'll look like when I'm 70. But what about all of those beautiful years in between then and now? All of those days that I will get to admire them, all of those days that I will be encouraged to be creative and reminded of my favourite memories? I think some people fail to see that side of it.

What do you guys think? Do you think it would lessen my chances to get a job? Would people see it as something disgusting?


  1. i personally dont have a problem, but keep it in mind that the wrist area is one of the most sensitive to tattoos.

  2. I love tats, but on hands? Eh, it's just you use your hands so much the tats won't look so fresh/new/etc quickly. You'll have to go back to get it colored again.

    Any visible tattoos will lessen your chances for most jobs. :[ It depends where and the atmosphere of that place. I'm beginning to see places becoming more open with these things though.

    I don't think it's disgusting,

  3. nooo. don't! i personally think tattoos are disgusting! no offense!and crissy is right. it would lessen the chances of you getting a job. what's worse is that once it's there, you can't remove it forever! :(

  4. I personally love tats, but the problem is, I know of some people who were not hired because of tats. And they weren't extremely ostentatious designs. There were simply visible, as any tattoo on your hand would be.

  5. Here in Denmark it's actually illegal for tattoo artists to tattoo on the hands or the face because people tend to regret it.

    I totally understand getting a beautiful tattoo, but get it somewhere where you can hide it if you need to :)

  6. I have a tattoo and I am getting a new one soon, but not in visible areas. It's not only that it would make harder to find some jobs but that I like to show them only in special moments.

  7. About 1/6th of my body is covered in tattoos, so you can tell that I love them!

    That said. I would strongly advice you against tattooing your hands. All my tattoos can be covered up easily by 3/4 sleaves. I get very different reactions to my tattoos, so you are bound to meet lots of people who strongly object to tattoos on your hand. And to be honest - to pull them off well I do belive you should either be a rock star or someone with lots of "other artwork on their body".

    But heck! Get a tattoo! Get 10! Just get them somewhere you can decide every day if they should show or not.

  8. Hey I gotta agree with fifrildi - hands are so important in communicating and if you will ever only be a manicurist its probably fine, but I think if you will go for other jobs you will need to be able to cover them up. In most of my jobs staff have been asked to cover up tattoos as they are not permissible in dress code... :(

  9. I fear you would be regretting it long before you turn 70. Yes, employers may look negatively upon the tattoos also. But really I think you will grow to dislike them, or bored with them, within a year or so. Why don't you get some sort of ink-art that is not permanent? I know it exists, I just don't know what they call it. That way you can have your design on your hands for a while but not forever.

  10. Most of the salons and spas I go to, even the upscale ones, employ stylists and manicurists with tattoos (and keep in mind that I'm now living in the conservative Southern state of Florida).

    I think as long as they're tasteful and you keep a neat appearance, you won't have a problem. Some of the ladies I've seen have full sleeve tattoos but they dress very tastefully and have gorgeous funky hair.

  11. For the next few months, consider having your hands henna'd, and see how you like it.

    I think it would be more interesting to learn to do your own henna tattoos, be able to change the design, and be able to let them wear off if you choose to have your hands bare.

  12. I personally love tattos. I agree with everyone else though. Put it where only you can see it. Where it can be covered up easily. It's something that will be with you for life. Make sure it's something that is very meaningful to you. Never a boyfriend's name. You never know what will happen. Look at plenty of tats online and research it well. You don't want to get something you'll be tired of and have to get covered up or removed.

  13. I received some good advice from a friend a while back: Once you've picked a design and a location on your body, spend one year thinking about it. For me, it was a smart idea. On two separate occasions over the years, I've reflected on getting a tattoo for a year (or so) and ultimately decided against getting them. The reasons varied from being sick of the design, changing jobs, thinking about how often I would need to have a touch-up.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  14. Hmm, I am not opposed to tattoos (unless they are WAY overdone), but if you really want one, you may want to get one in a place that can easily be covered. I think it may affect your chances of getting a job if it is easily visible. And I must agree with Dee -- you may regret it at 70 years. :]

  15. I love the Henna idea! Try it before you buy it kinda thing :) I don't think you'd get tired of them so much. More like you'll get so used to seeing them, you won't even notice them after awhile. At least that's how it is with me & mine. I personally wouldn't tat my hands but I have done my wrists. SOMETIMES wish I could cover them more on certain occasions, but usually it's more that I don't even think about them because it's just part of my "skin" now.

    I say, try the henna thing, get a tattoo somewhere else for now, & think about the hand tattoo for at least another year -see if you still want it after some time has passed.

    p.s. I LOVE your it everyday :) (Thanks for putting in all that time!)

  16. I got a tattoo on my lower back when I just turned 18 (and therefore legally old enough) I am now 26 and really glad I got it there because I can't see it. I wish I hadn't had it done but since its where I can't see it I just forget about it. If it was somewhere I could see it I would hate it by now. I personally do like tattoos but I don't think you should ever get them anywhere you can't cover them up when you need to.
    My reasoning for getting it on my lower back was that I want to get married someday and don't want a visible tattoo accessorising my wedding dress!
    But at the end of the day it's your choice, you just have to decide whether you could live with it forever. Maybe you could get one of those semi-permanent tats, I think they disappear in 5 years? If you loved it the whole time just have it replaced with a permanent one, if you started to hate it, then it will disappear.

  17. I agree with Annette: if you are really, really interested in a hand tatoo, I think you could try henna/mehendi body art first.
    Then if you are absolutely positive you like it then go for it :)

  18. I have quite a bit of tattoos visible at that, but hands wise is really something you have to think long and hard about as that is a hard area to camouflage and it may be hard for employment in some places.

  19. Sweetie,

    I'm 'old school' like your folks.
    This is not something to do on a whim.
    A tattoo lasts longer than most marriages. You will live at least 70 more years.. and will have several different opportunities to have different jobs and careers.
    The decisions you make now can impact your future.

    I grew up in the '60s, and saw many of my friends get elaborate lovely tattoos.. but what is beautiful on a young girl is pretty sad on a woman over 40.
    And when this woman grows into her 50s, elegance and beauty is a very different definition. Tattoos can detract from simplicity.

    Try the henna tattoos... live with them. Wait another year.. in fact, after you graduate, try several jobs in different places before you jump into something you may regret.

    What is acceptable in a 'trendy'
    job like the beauty industry is totally unacceptable in most business environments.

    But then I'm a Mum with a daughter in her '20s who is out looking for employment in a difficult economic market. I'm very hesitant to approve that which may employment risky.

    Stick with your amazing, artistic manis... those you can always change!

  20. I feel like a hand tattoo would get a good deal of wear and tear because people constantly wash, dry, don't wear sunscreen etc. on their hands.
    Also, I think you would have a heck of a time trying to hide a hand tattoo if you needed it for a work setting.
    I'd say go with henna :) You can change it up all the time and it's not permanent! Good luck!

  21. I love tattoos, and if you are certain you want one just get it. I know several women who have tattoos on their hand or wrist, even one nurse.
    But your hand is a place you can't cover up easily. That's why I got my tattoo on my lower back in stead of my wrist which I wanted first.
    It's for you to decide but I say: Just do it if you want to.

  22. please don't put it on your hands. I agree with most of the posts, it will be much harder to get jobs when your tattoos are visible. I think you should get a small one, but don't put it on your hands!!!

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  24. I completely agree with Annette and sage1 - go the henna route and you can change at whim ...........!!!

    But otherwise, no, I wouldn't be offended, but I wouldn't find it elegant, classy, chic or sophisticated - but really fairly lowbrow.

    Don't mean to offend, and you asked our opinions :-) Listen to your parents. Hee.

  25. Hi,

    To be honest, I think it is best to get a tattoo somewhere where it can hidden if necessary. (I personally have no problem with tattoos).

    As well, I'm been thinking of getting a tattoo myself on the upper shoulder. It's been 2 yrs now but I'm going to wait a few more to see if my feeling about it change. (I'm in my 50s and have never had one.)

  26. Personally, I would only worry about employment. And that is because most people are boring sheep who will use anything different about someone to discriminate.

    And good grief, I cannot stand the generic 'imagine how bad that will look when you are 70' comment. Who goes through life caring how something will look when one is 70?

  27. Well, there is Freedom 2, which is designed to be easier to remove someday or what i would do is get a white ink tattoo, like Lindsey Lohan has. That way it is subtle but really, really pretty, and they glow under black light.

    Hand tattoos really will throw people off- what about one on your wrist so you can cover it with a watchband? Are nail techs allowed to wear those?


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