Friday, 8 May 2009

Silk Wraps..... *shudder*


I've had a silk wrap or, fibreglass wrap, on my right ring finger for two days now. I just removed it now because I could NOT stand the damn thing!

I don't know if my tutor just did it badly or what! It was horrible. Horrible. Just horrible.

We are currently learning how to do silk wraps at the moment... I really feel sorry for whoever's my client :( I already told mum she can't be it.

Why does Steph have so much hatred towards it?
Let's find out!
  1. First step of wrapping your tip is to rip up the nail plate. We call it 'etching', but really it is ripping it up, making a complete mess of it.
  2. This ripping up really hurt, as she used a very rough file and this was being rubbed over my cuticle at the same time. Very sore.
  3. Once all the glue and crap was put on, my nail was so hard. I couldn't move it or bend it. And of course our nails need to bend and move for when we knock them on things by accident or purpose. Because of this, my finger became really sore as the nail had nothing to do but dig into my nail walls. Ouch.
  4. It was big, bulky and uneven.
I'm really struggling to see the bright side here guys. Did I just have a bad experience? A very bad, painful experience? Or is this how it is?

All the girls in my group were cringing when she was 'etching' my nail, they also gave an OMG face when she said "We might finish all your nails off today Steph". Then today I told them how painful it was... so they probably aren't looking forward to it either lol.


  1. I had silk wraps done in the US. No pain, no rough etching, no big and bulkyness. It was actually a very pleasent experience and I am sad they don't offer this where I live now.

    To your experience I have to say that your instructor did a terrible job. Sounds like she barely has a clue or skills of what she was doing as nails should never be uneven.

  2. I agree with Sandra! Nails should never be roughed up like that!
    I've heard that all you need is to use the rough side of a nail buffer. (maybe I'm using the wrong word now -s) But the thing to polish your nails with :-) And just remove the oil and things like that from your nails... But I'm not a trained nail person at all :-)

  3. That is so weird! I wonder why mine was so painful? Maybe she's lost touch over the years... lol

  4. I don't think that application sound right too me. Maybe you can google it. I don't think a silk wrap would be very popular if it hurt that much. I just don't think she knew what she was doing. Silk wrap were really popular years ago. She shouldn't have been roughing up your cuticle.

  5. had silk wraps for years, loved them and they never hurt. way better than gel nails! blech!

  6. Personally, I have never had one, but that doesn't sound like something that should be done to nails. Yikes! Sorry to hear about your rough experience!

  7. OMG! Just say "NO!"

    I'm a huge fan of natural nails,
    even if they can't grow as long
    and gorgeous as yours...natural is always better!

    I just don't get gel or silk wrap
    artificials... I hope your
    'etched' nail wasn't damaged too much...

    P.S. Thanks for the 'work appropriate' shade recommendations!

  8. I am a nail tech and it sounds more like she was prepping for acrylics with the etching, but it should not hurt at all. Wraps don't require etching, but you do have to "rough up" the natural nail slightly to get good adhesion. As for the bulkiness, it was applied incorrectly. One of the benefits of wraps over other artificial nails is that they should be nice and thin and look like a natural nail just tougher. They won't be flexible though. I don't know what product you are using, but a brush on glue is much easier to get smooth than a squeeze one. I found when I was in school that the products the school provided weren't always the easiest ones around. Hope that helps.


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