Friday, 29 May 2009


S - Pick Me Up Purple, originally uploaded by Steph NJ.

Is this picture inspiration to grow my nails again or what? lol.

At the moment, my nails are all higgidly-piggidly lengths, short as possible, some straight as a ruler, some rounded, gel in patches all over them, scratches all over the nail plate, so short that the corners of my nails hurt when I knock them, filed to the extreme, buffed to the extreme.

I can feel every millimetre of base coat when I put it on, that's how thin they are *shudder* it gives me goosebumps.

I've just been looking through my flickr photos, missing my pretty nails... at least they keep on growin' n_~

Any nail biters or shorties who want to join me on the way to long, healthy nails? I could sort of sort out some sort of programme of nail care and we could email or IM every week or so? Sounds a little strange, but I think it'd be nice :)


  1. Hi! if you look on my blog you will see that I had to file my nails very short last week because they were too long to play with my little cousins without hurt them... :s
    They are growing too but it's soooooo long!

  2. Hi Steph! What did it happen to your beautiful nail?Why they hurt to you so much?
    I have mine short too... ^_-
    I hope you'll be soon fine!!!

  3. Chupa - oh yes, I saw :(

    Astasia - Hey! Its just from all the practicing for manicures/gels/acrylics on my course

  4. I would be in for the nail care programme ;) i just cut mine 2 days ago cause they were filed all wrong so decided to start over again(again, again, again etc.) ;)

  5. i am in the nail care programme tooo!!! i broke some 2 of my nails and because the length difference was so huge, i decided to file them all short!!

    so yeah i've been very very religious with my hand cream and cuticle oil regime! :)

  6. I lurve long nails, but I just cannot keep them as long as yours in your picture. I'd be perfectly happy with just-past-the-tip-of-the-finger nail length, I'm not greedy.
    A major problem is that I bite my nails, but when I'm being especially good and not biting, the next major hurdle is the condition of my nails. They have horrible ridges running the length of the nail. I hread that this is hereditary? I can buff the ridges out, but they eventually come back when the nail grows. Worse is that my nails tend to split along these ridges - even when I've buffed them. Plus I'm afraid to buff too often because I think that I might be making my nails thinner, thus weaker. I've been trying Nail-Tek II, special - I think it's called. It's OK. I also just bought Nubar Nu-Nail. I guess I won't know how good these are until my nails actually grow to a decent length.
    I think I can beat the biting habit if my nails would just grow, becaise then I'd paint them, and when they're painted, I tend to leave them alone.
    Any tips (no pun intended) on growing my nails and keeping them and my cuticles healthy and happy would be much appreciated.

  7. My nails get like yours. Not from school but from peeling. Then I had to keep cutting them short. Splits also and I know how painful they are. I would love to even have a little free edge! Thank God for nail polish. At least I can have pretty painted short nails!

  8. Steph I feel bad for you and your poor sore nails.
    Hopefully when youre done with the course you can get your nails back.

    I absolutely swear by OPIs original Nail Envy. I used this every day after a bad couple of years with acrylics and my nails are now really long & strong (you can see them on my blog)

    I think the growing club is a great idea - wish there was such support when I was trying to sort mine out!

  9. Hidden-Innocence30 May 2009 at 09:53

    I will definitely join the nail care programme!! =)

  10. I would definitely be interested! I am going to have a look at OPI Nail Envy as recommended by Helen; I've been trying to grow out my nails after about a year with acrylics and I still have some terrible ridges on the tips. My thumb is the most damaged, but maybe with some good treatments it would get better!

  11. Is it just my computer or does "Pick me up purple" look blue?

  12. omg where can I get that polish??


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